Why Choose SASE?

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Application visibility

SASE prioritizes and manages SLA of each application. When you have multiple applications running its difficult to manage each app’s performance in terms of latency and packet loss. SASE prioritises specific traffic depending on the SLA on each application to avoid latency.
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Rapid provisioning

With SASE, complex configuration becomes simple and with Advanced Security implemented via a regional exist it reduces overhead and saves time, while improving security.
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With the dependency on your service provider to securely move traffic from branch to datacenter, internal or external intrusion is possible. With SASE this is resolved. Furthermore, it also encrypts backs up data, if necessary, through its state-of-art surveillance and behavioral analysis mechanism
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Better control and management

SASE helps detect each application’s bandwidth utilization and helps allocate bandwidth to each application as per need.

Journey to SASE

SASE Diagram