Why Choose VPS?

Garaj Cloud

Eliminate expenses

Eliminate operational, training, and maintenance expenses and save time by setting up a single machine under VPS within a few minutes.
Garaj Cloud

Safety and security

With our fast, secured, and reliable connection, your data is always safe. Additionally, the VPS isolates your virtual machines from any threats using state-of-the-art multi-layered security.
Garaj Cloud

Uninterrupted access

Access your centralized IT environment from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.
Garaj Cloud

Flexibility to scale

Scale your environment up and down according to your business needs without any dependence on the service provider.
Garaj Cloud

24/7 Break & Fix support

For all troubleshooting, upgrading and management needs, Garaj’s expert technical support team is available 24/7, all year round.

Choose the right service

Use Case A single and affordable dedicated machine for all types of workloads be it testing, development or production. A premium service with multiple dedicated machines making the communication and management between each simpler and effective.
Features Network and security features important to run your environment includes NAT, Firewall Policies and DHCP. From basic features to advanced features covering NAT, Firewall Policies, DHCP, VPN, IPSEC, Routing and advanced monitoring.
Price Recommended for low budget customers. Recommended for customers with lower restrictions on budget.
Support 24/7 included over call and email. 24/7 included over call and email.