Why Choose VDC?

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Easy & Intelligent Management

You can adjust resources against your virtual machines, assign network and security policies, take snapshots and much more from a single center point of management thereby improving operational productivity.
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Multiple Connectivity Options

You can tailor your VDC according to your business needs by extending private connectivity (MPLS), DDoS protected internet access or telephony lines to your virtual data center.
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Advanced Networking Options

VDC comes with Software-Defined-Network enabling you with the capabilities Firewalling, Routing, DHCP, NAT, VPN and Network based load balancing.
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Multiple Add-ons

You can choose various add-on services with VDC like Advance monitoring, Unified Treath Protection and Web Application Firewalling for your web applications. You can also request managed services to run your VDC by our experts on your behalf.
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One Click App Launchpad

Enables you to quickly deploy and launch applications in few seconds, using 1-click app launchpad. With wide range of applications having over 1000+ verified images ranging from OS, Databases to end user applications.

Choose the right service

Use Case A single and affordable dedicated machine for all types of workloads be it testing, development or production. A premium service with multiple dedicated machines making the communication and management between each simpler and effective.
Features Network and security features important to run your environment includes NAT, Firewall Policies and DHCP. From basic features to advanced features covering NAT, Firewall Policies, DHCP, VPN, IPSEC, Routing and advanced monitoring.
Price Recommended for low budget customers. Recommended for customers with lower restrictions on budget.
Support 24/7 included over call and email. 24/7 included over call and email.

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